April 14, 2014

Our Liberty Elections Endorses John Ratcliffe

Our Liberty Elections, a website dedicated to finding candidates faithful to our nation’s founding principles, is proud to endorse John Ratcliffe for Congress in the 4th District of Texas. We hope voters will follow our lead and send a true conservative fighter to Washington.

Our country faces enormous challenges, and the stakes have never been higher. With over $17 trillion of debt, our elected officials continue to kick the can down the road as they refuse to make tough decisions. That’s why today, more than ever, every corner of America must send their strongest Constitutional candidates to Washington to ensure the survival and prosperity of our Republic. We believe the Fourth District should send John Ratcliffe.

A Congressman’s number one duty is to “Secure the Blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” but today our liberties have never been more threatened. At every turn, career politicians expand the size of the federal government, take away more of our liberties, and uses our children’s money to pay for it. Thirty plus years in Congress is no virtue for Ralph Hall if he isn’t willing to fight the hard fights.

Mr. Hall talks about protecting conservative values, but his rhetoric hasn’t translated into results. He often talks about being fiscally conservative, but has raised the debt ceiling six times – adding $3.5 trillion to our national debt. Mr. Hall’s website mentions issues we conservatives care about like protecting our second amendment rights, states’ rights and religious freedom. However, when push comes to shove he’s proven to be more concerned about the next election than the next generation. At Our Liberty Elections we are not attempting to downplay Mr. Hall’s admirable career in public service, but instead pass the torch to a new generation of conservative fighter who will vigorously defend our liberty well into the future.

One only needs to look at John Ratcliffe’s proven, conservative record as a U.S. Attorney and as Texas mayor to know that he is a fighter for justice, and that he will always put America and our sacred Constitution first. We must all remember; if we fail as a nation to protect our Constitution, then we have tyranny. Even the slightest erosion of our rights is unacceptable. With scandals like the NSA, IRS and Benghazi – which are central to our loss of justice and freedom – it is more important than ever to consider the consequence of one’s vote. John Ratcliffe represents a new generation of Constitutional conservative. We think of him as a Ted Cruz type of politician—sincere, patriotic and not afraid of the tough fight. That’s why we highly recommend John Ratcliffe for Congress. The Fourth District of Texas and the United States of America will be well served by his leadership.