January 29, 2014

State Of The Union Reaction

Like most Republicans, I’m disappointed with what I heard from the President last night. In his fifth State of the Union, Obama delivered yet another round of empty and shallow promises. He followed an all too predictable playbook: ignore and omit the glaring failures of his administration, while taking credit for things that have happened in spite of his disastrous agenda. His small-ball, regurgitated proposals will do nothing to fix the problems he’s created for hard-working Americans.

Here are several of his most outlandish claims:

  • “We’re in the process of fixing the broken healthcare system”
    Obamacare is ironically healthcare that is hurting people, but the President seems unwilling to admit defeat in his failed government takeover of healthcare. He spent several minutes talking about a young lady named Amanda who purchased health insurance through Obamacare. What he forgot to mention were the 4.7 million Americans who have lost healthcare because of his broken promise.
  • “We’ve cut the deficit in half”
    False. President Obama has presided over the largest deficits in our country’s history. Over $6.5 trillion of national debt has been accumulated under his watch. The deficit this year will be larger than before he took office.
  • “Unemployment is at its lowest rate in five years”
    Obama’s job killing policies have led to the worst economic recovery that our country has ever seen. Unable to find jobs, disheartened workers have left the workforce by the millions. In fact, work force participation rate is currently at its lowest rate since 1978 – a far cry from a robust job market.
  • “The all of the above energy policy I announced five years ago is working”
    Domestic energy production has increased, but this is in spite of the President’s policies. Technological innovation in the free market, not government mandate, is to thank for the natural gas revolution over the past decade. Instead of embracing our domestic resources, Obama and the EPA continue to impose onerous regulations on the coal industry – our largest provider of electricity.

America deserves better, and so do our children. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stand up to Obama’s reckless agenda and not let him abuse his power through unchecked executive orders. We often forget that politicians are elected to represent us. Accountability should be a reasonable expectation of our representatives, not a luxury. While the Obama Administration has been an expensive and painful liberal experiment, I hope it teaches us a valuable lesson in the importance of effective leadership.