Ratcliffe Leading Charge to Demand Answers About Comey’s Clinton Email Investigation

Did former FBI Director James Comey mislead Congress about whether or not he predetermined the outcome of the Clinton email investigation in 2016? Congressman Ratcliffe’s grilling of Comey at a House Judiciary Committee hearing in 2016 likely lies at the center of that answer.

When Ratcliffe asked Comey if he made his decision to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton before or after he interviewed Clinton, Comey replied “after.”

Recent revelations that Comey had drafted the exoneration memo of Clinton before interviewing 17 witnesses, including Clinton herself, call into question Comey’s answers to Ratcliffe under oath.

Ratcliffe has publicly called for Comey to again appear before Congress to answer to the rightful concerns of the American people about the handling of the Clinton Email Investigation. For more, Fox News and Breitbart break down the coverage.