April 2, 2014

It’s Time to Schedule Debates

In this runoff election, I strongly believe that voters deserve the chance to hear both candidates discuss the issues which affect the future of this country.

I’ve suggested 30 days of Congressional recess for a series of debates.  I’ve made it clear that I’m willing to work around Congressman Hall’s schedule.  Three weeks have passed since my invitation, and I have yet to hear a response.

Candidates shouldn’t be able to hide from voters.  Ben Ferguson has graciously offered up his show as a forum for a debate, and I eagerly accept.  Additionally, I’ve sent the below letter to newspapers and radio stations across the district asking them to host a debate:


I appreciate the public service that you provide for your audience, for our state, and for our nation through your journalism.

I also appreciate that our Republic requires an engaged citizenry to hold their elected officials accountable.

On March 4, the Republican primary voters of Texas’ 4th congressional district sent myself and Congressman Ralph Hall into a May 27 primary runoff.

On March 11, in the spirit of transparency, public policy and openness, I invited Congressman Hall to participate in five primary runoff debates. Our campaign identified 30 days where Congress was not voting during the ten week runoff period.

Congressman Hall has refused to debate.

With three weeks having now passed, I would like to formally ask you to host a debate between us, so the public can see us answer tough questions about the future of the country.

Congressman Hall may decline to participate. If so, I will still attend.

Early voting begins May 19.

Here are the remaining non-voting days:

April 11-27
May 2-5
May 10-18

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you.


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