November 5, 2014

John Ratcliffe Headed to Washington to Represent 4th District of Texas

HEATH, TX – John Ratcliffe officially became the Congressman-elect for the 4th Congressional District of Texas on Tuesday night.  With the formality of his unopposed general election win behind him, Ratcliffe now sets his sights on being sworn in as a member of the 114th United States Congress in early January.

Ratcliffe is humbled by the trust voters have placed in him and excited for the opportunity to represent the district in Washington. “My future job title will be United States Representative, and I take that very seriously,” he said.  “It means that I work for the people and not the other way around.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to head to Washington and fight for the conservative values needed to put this country on a better path.  Working with a Republican controlled Senate, I’m eager to put bills on President Obama’s desk which will grow our economy, create jobs, help the middle class and reduce the overreach of the federal government.”

Ratcliffe became the de facto Congressman-elect when he defeated 17 term incumbent Rep. Ralph Hall in the Republican primary runoff on May 27th.  Ratcliffe was quick to praise the man he will replace in Washington.  “Congressman Hall is a true statesman, and it’s an honor to succeed him,” he said.  “His distinguished career of public service is remarkable, and I wish the best of luck with all of his future endeavors.”

The 4th Congressional District of Texas includes 18 counties in Northeast Texas and borders parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.