April 1, 2014

PolitiFact Verdict: U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas voted to increase debt limit several times

PolitiFact, a trusted non-partisan review board of political claims, recently weighed in on statements by Ralph Hall relating to debt ceiling increases. They rated the claim that “Ralph Hall has never voted to increase the debt ceiling” as false.

In a recent campaign commercial by Hall, the Congressman states, “I won’t raise the debt ceiling.  Ever.”

A direct mail piece in February by a PAC advocating for Hall’s re-election stated, “Ralph Hall has never voted to raise the debt ceiling.”

“We didn’t have to look further than the votes cited by his opponent’s campaign to find six instances from 1986 through 2005 in which Hall backed debt-limit increases,” said PolitiFact.  “We rate this claim as False.”

John Ratcliffe’s proven, conservative record has recently earned him endorsements by national groups like the Club for Growth and Madison Project.  “Like Senator Ted Cruz, John Ratcliffe understands that the big spenders in both parties have led us to $17 trillion in debt, and he’ll stand up for pro-growth policies in Washington,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chacola.

As the Mayor of Heath, Texas, Ratcliffe earned praise for balancing budgets without raising taxes – for eight straight years.  Under Ratcliffe’s leadership, the city had its credit rating upgraded by all three major rating agencies.  “It’s time for our Federal Government to learn to live within its means,” Ratcliffe said.  “This means balancing budgets, not increasing the limit on our nation’s credit card.”