March 10, 2014

Ratcliffe Challenges Hall to Five Debates

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Dear Congressman Hall,

As a Texan and an American, I want to thank you for your service to our country.

The voters of Texas’ 4th Congressional District did not elect the Republican nominee by a majority on March 4, and now we are headed to a May 27 runoff.

During the primary, you appeared at only one event where we both spoke. I was busy traveling the district – speaking at dozens of candidate forums and events.

Now, it is time for both campaigns to respect the voters enough to offer them a choice in the Republican primary runoff.

I understand the scheduling restrictions of your Congressional duties. I am offering to work around that.

According to the House calendar, Congress is in recess March 15-23, April 11-27, May 2-5, May 10-18 and May 23-27. May 23-27 is too late, as early voting begins May 19. This schedule offers a total of 30 days that are available.

Today, I am asking you to agree to five debates for the primary runoff, with objective moderators and tickets divided up evenly. These debates should be held around the district, so all voters have an opportunity to attend if they wish, or at least read the media coverage.

I am proposing debates in Texarkana, Rockwall, Paris, Sherman and Greenville.

I know you agree that the voters of the 4th congressional district deserve to hear from the candidates directly and have them answer questions about the most important issues facing our country.

Please let me know as soon as possible so we may begin scheduling these debates.


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John Ratcliffe
Republican Candidate for Congress
4th District of Texas


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