April 23, 2014

Ratcliffe Opposes BLM Seizure of North Texas Land

                           BLM Considering Seizure of 90,000 Privately Held Acres in North Texas

ROCKWALL, TX – Former U.S. Attorney and conservative Republican candidate for Texas’ 4th congressional district John Ratcliffe today joined Attorney General Greg Abbott in expressing strong opposition to the potential seizure of private land in North Texas by the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

“In Texas, we take landowner rights and private property very seriously,” said Ratcliffe. “I was alarmed to see a report that the BLM, on the heels of the overly aggressive federal government action in Nevada with the Bundy Ranch, is now considering seizing up to 90,000 acres of land in North Texas along the Red River. Much of this land has been privately owned by Texans for generations. If elected, I will fight the federal government on this – citizens have constitutional rights and private property rights must be respected.”

While the current proposal appears to not include land in the 4th congressional district, that could change, and Ratcliffe believes this type of unconstitutional federal government action is a threat to liberty and a threat to all Texans.