March 27, 2014

Ratcliffe Pledges to Hold Regular Town Hall Meetings

Will Hold Minimum of Six in District Each Year to Encourage Accountability

ROCKWALL, TX – Former U.S. Attorney and conservative Republican candidate for Texas’ 4th congressional district John Ratcliffe today pledged to hold regular town hall meetings in the 4th congressional district if he is elected.

“Many elected officials are not held accountable, and I want to be,” said Ratcliffe.  “I believe that town hall meetings offer an opportunity for constituents to ask tough questions of their elected officials in a public setting.  I will do them regularly, around the district, if I am elected.”

Ratcliffe pledges to hold a minimum of six town hall meetings each year in district, which his office will operate.

“As a former small town mayor, I understand how important it is to constantly interact with the people you serve,” said Ratcliffe.  “I do not believe our Congressman has been aggressive enough in this area, and I will be.”