April 11, 2014

Ratcliffe Endorsed by Senate Conservatives Fund

                               Influential conservative groups continue to back Ratcliffe’s bid in TX-04

ROCKWALL, TX – Former U.S. Attorney and Republican candidate for Texas’ 4th Congressional District John Ratcliffe has received the endorsement of Senate Conservatives Fund.

“John Ratcliffe is a principled, conservative leader who will fight to stop the massive spending and debt in Washington that are bankrupting our country,” said SCF Executive Director Matt Hoskins. “He’s part of a new generation of conservative Republicans, and we’re excited to support him.”

Ratcliffe is appreciative of their support. “I am grateful that the Senate Conservatives Fund recognizes I’m the only candidate in this race with the energy to stand up to President Obama’s failed policies every single day,” said Ratcliffe.

“Voters don’t have to guess what kind of Congressman I’ll be. My record tells you that I’m a pro-gun, pro-life, limited government conservative with proven record of defending the Constitution, balancing budgets and not raising taxes.”

This endorsement marks the latest in a string of high-profile, conservative organizations backing Ratcliffe. The Club for Growth, Madison Project and Red State have all endorsed Ratcliffe in his bid to unseat 90 year old Ralph Hall – who is now seeking an 18th term.

The Senate Conservatives Fund began its House Candidates Project this cycle and Ratcliffe is just the sixth House candidate to receive their support. In addition to bundling contributions, SCF is known for conducting independent expenditures for candidates it endorses. SCF was instrumental in helping elect conservative leaders like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio over establishment candidates.

On March 4th, Ratcliffe held Hall to just 45% of the vote, the first time a challenger has ever forced the 17 term incumbent into a runoff. The Republican Primary Runoff Election will be held on May 27th.