July 27, 2015

Taking on Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is not happy that Ted Cruz and I introduced bills to repeal the CFPB – the agency unaccountable to Congress whose creation she was the mastermind behind.

The CFPB represents the epitome of the big government agenda that I’m fighting against every single day.  It does exactly what President Reagan warned about – bureaucrats smothering opportunity rather than fostering it.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a name that could not be more misleading.  In reality, it levies enormous regulations and compliance costs on regional and community banks all across the country, and hard-working Americans pay the price with reduced access to credit and capital.

I say enough is enough.  My bill – H.R. 3118 – the Repeal CFPB Act does exactly what its name implies.  It gets rid of this unnecessary and duplicative agency once and for all.  The CFPB was created through Dodd-Frank and just celebrated its fourth anniversary.  Let’s make sure it’s also its last.

Elizabeth Warren and her far-left allies want to double down with more federal government overreach.  After Ted Cruz and I introduced our bills she said, “We are going to fight not only to protect the gains that have been made with Dodd-Frank but to expand them.”

The stakes are high, and our contrasting visions for America could not be starker.  That’s why I’m pleased my bill now has over 50 co-sponsors.  I’ll keep putting on the pressure, no matter how tough the fight.

For almost seven months now, I’ve had the privilege of being your Representative in Congress.  I feel a great sense of urgency to restore the conservative values this country so desperately needs, and you can count on me to continue leading this charge.