February 23, 2016

The Ratcliffe Record: Putting Terrorist Sympathizers in Prison

Rockwall, TX – As President Obama doubled down on his reckless plan to close Guantanamo Bay, Congressman Ratcliffe reflected on his prior career as a terrorism prosecutor and U.S. Attorney.  In these roles, he put terrorist sympathizers in prison, and was on the front lines of keeping America safe.

“When it comes to protecting our homeland, you must be willing to recognize an enemy for what it is,” said Ratcliffe.  “As a terrorism prosecutor, I’ve seen firsthand and up close the enormous threat of radical Islamic extremism.  There are individuals that currently sit in prison because I prosecuted them for funneling money to terrorist groups.  While the President refuses to take these threats seriously, I’m committed to ensuring that our government lives up to its primary duty – to provide for the common defense.”

In 2008, Ratcliffe served by special appointment as the prosecutor in U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation, one of the nation’s largest terrorism financing cases.  During his tenure as the Chief of the Anti-Terrorism and National Security Section for the Eastern District of Texas he personally managed dozens of international and domestic terrorism investigations.